FEB Lunar Cashback Joy Promotion

Terms and Conditions

  1. This Promotion is valid from January 25 to February 25, 2024 (“Promotion Period”), both dates inclusive or such other date(s) as may be determined by Finext Eastern Bank (“FEB”) at its discretion. 

  2. This Promotion is only eligible for all new and existing FEB cardholders (“Eligible Account“).

  3. The maximum Cashback Prize Limit for each Eligible Account is set at US$888, and up to 8 winners will be selected through the Grand Draw.

  4. To participate in this Promotion, Cardholders must meet all of the following requirements within the Promotion Period:

    1. Spend Requirement: Accumulate a minimum charge of US$3,888 on your FEB Card during the Promotion Period. 

      • There is no limit on the number of retail transactions that may be combined to meet the Spend Requirement. All Retail Transactions counting towards the Spend Requirement and for the Promotion are based on the Transaction Date within the Promotion Period, no later than February 25, 2024, 11:59 PM.

    2. Social Media Participation: Spread the happiness of the Lunar New Year by sharing a captivating post on your public social media with the Promotion Hashtag #FEBLunarCashJoy.  

      • Tag our corresponding official FEB social media account when posting your entry (acceptable on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, X, or TikTok). Ensure that your post is set to public visibility throughout the entire promotion period.

    3. Submission Email: Send an email to [email protected] from your registered email address by February 26, 2024. The email should contain the link to your social media post, following this format:

      • Subject: FEB Lunar Cashback Joy Promotion

      • Link to Social Media Post: [Insert Link Here]

  5. Cashback calculation during the Promotion Period (Cashback Prize Limit applies):

    • First US$3,888: enjoy 10% cashback.

    • Above $3,888: enjoy 8% cashback.

    • Above $6,888: enjoy 5% cashback.

  6. Winners will be randomly selected from the pool of Eligible Accounts through methods determined by FEB, which may include manual or automated processes in the audited Grand Draw. Winners will be notified via email by March 04, 2024 (“Notification Date”).

  7. FEB will not disclose the identities of the winners on FEB’s social media platforms and other promotional, advertising, or publicity materials. Instead, FEB reserves the right to publish partially masked email addresses to maintain a level of privacy and confidentiality while allowing winners to identify themselves.

  8. Cashback Prize amounts will be calculated and credited to the winners’ card accounts by March 08, 2024.  This Cashback is strictly non-transferable, non-exchangeable, and cannot be assigned to any other party.

  9. Winner(s) are required to reach out to FEB within fourteen (14) calendar days from the Notification Date to address any concerns related to the Promotion. In case of disputes arising from the Promotion, FEB’s decision will be deemed final.

  10. FEB reserves the right to reverse, restructure, forfeit, and/or charge the full cost or retail value at its sole discretion of the Cashback awarded to a winner in the event any transaction counted towards the Spend Requirement to receive the Cashback is invalid, cancelled or reversed (in full or in part) by any party for any reason.

  11. Only Eligible Accounts maintained in good standing and operated in a proper and satisfactory manner, as determined by FEB at its discretion at the time of fulfillment, will qualify for the promotion. Should an Eligible Account be voluntarily or involuntarily closed, terminated, or suspended for any reasons before Cashback is granted to a winner, FEB reserves the sole right to forfeit the Cashback at its discretion.

  12. FEB reserves the right to determine at our discretion whether an Eligible Account has met all the requirements of this Promotion.

  13. FEB reserves the right to change any of the Cashback Prize allocation mechanics without giving prior notice or reason.

  14. FEB reserves the right to revise any of these terms and conditions, or withdraw or alter any part of this Promotion at any time without prior notice and/or assuming any liability to any party, and shall not be liable to pay any compensation or enter into any correspondence in connection with the same.

  15. FEB, its related corporations, employees and/or independent contractors shall not be liable for any loss, injury, liabilities, expenses or damages whatsoever or howsoever incurred or sustained by a FEB Cardholder and/or any other person by reason of, arising from or in connection with this Promotion.

  16. In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any brochure, marketing or promotional material relating to this Promotion, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

 Together, let us create an unforgettable Lunar New Year celebration overflowing with wealth, delight, and limitless bliss!

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