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Our one-stop service is dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire process and getting your business on the right track. We are committed to providing you with the necessary assistance to ensure your business is set up for success.
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What you will need to register your limited company

We will assist you in conducting name checks.
This will be where official communications are sent and you may opt for a virtual office address.
If an individual

  • Duly signed and completed Due Diligence Form
  • A certified true copy of your current Passport or Identity Card
  • A certified true copy of residential address proof issued within the last 3 months

If an entity

  • Duly signed and completed Due Diligence Form of UBO(s)
  • Certified true copy of current Passport or Identity Card of UBO(s)
  • Certified true copy of residential address proof of UBO(s) issued within the last 3 months

If the documents provided are in other languages, English translation on key items will be required.

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Corporate Governance

Finext Eastern Bank’s compliance program is robustly designed to identify and control the risk of compliance failure that could result in financial and reputational damage to FEB or to meet and adhere to regulatory requirements and standards.
The role of Compliance is to identify, assess, advise on, communicate, monitor, and report on FEB’s compliance with regulatory requirements. Policies and procedures for effective compliance are based on the Offshore Banking Act 1996 of the Commonwealth of Dominica in addition to regulations found in (including subsequent amendments):
FEB takes regulatory compliance with paramount importance. Our robust measures and policies are reviewed quarterly and monitored to ensure FEB is a diligent and responsible member of the global financial services community.