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An initial deposit of 1000 USDC/USDT is all you need to unlock all banking features. The amount is not needed to maintain the balance so feel free to move it around afterwards!

80% of our customers open their accounts in less than 7 days

Fast and simple onboarding process

100% online application in 4 simple steps.

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Account Processing

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Funding Your FEB Business Account

Two ways to fund your FEB Business Account.

Fiat Currencies

Fiat deposits are available in:

All deposits will be converted and stored on-chain as USDC in your FEB account.


Deposit USDC and USDT directly to your FEB wallet based on network type (ERC20, BEP20, TRON).

Account statements will reflect your USDC and/or USDT balances.

Execute swift and transparent
international payments

Major currencies:
*More currencies provided on an as-available basis.

Why USDC and USDT?

Stablecoins like USDC and USDT serve as a reliable form of payment and a stable store of value due to their peg to the US dollar. This stability makes them suitable for transactions where stability is crucial.

In comparison to traditional fiat currencies, stablecoins offer quicker and more affordable cross-border transactions, increased accessibility to businesses in countries with limited financial systems and provide an alternative for individuals who prefer the security and transparency of blockchain technology.
FEB Corporate Debit Cards

Flexibility given to Cardholders

Powerful and simple. Instant top-ups with your stablecoins.

Money at internet speed

Discover the power of a digital economy – build your business for the future.
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Corporate Governance

Finext Eastern Bank’s compliance program is robustly designed to identify and control the risk of compliance failure that could result in financial and reputational damage to FEB or to meet and adhere to regulatory requirements and standards.
The role of Compliance is to identify, assess, advise on, communicate, monitor, and report on FEB’s compliance with regulatory requirements. Policies and procedures for effective compliance are based on the Offshore Banking Act 1996 of the Commonwealth of Dominica in addition to regulations found in (including subsequent amendments):
FEB takes regulatory compliance with paramount importance. Our robust measures and policies are reviewed quarterly and monitored to ensure FEB is a diligent and responsible member of the global financial services community.