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Our Heritage
FEB is a key subsidiary of an asian family office with staff and clients based in several top Asian financial centres. Through our Asian roots and values, FEB prides itself with providing our corporate clients with bespoke financial solutions that caters intricately with their own customers and members.
We are Compliant
We are a fully-licensed financial institution in the Commonwealth of Dominica, with a full and offshore banking license (reg no 2013/C2892). The Commonwealth of Dominica's Financial Service Unit (FSU), overseen by the Ministry of Finance, is responsible for regulating and supervising the financial services industry, and we operate in strict adherence to the FSU's regulations.
The Offshore Banking Act of 1996, as amended and supplemented over time, governs our operations at FEB.

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Corporate Governance

Finext Eastern Bank’s compliance program is robustly designed to identify and control the risk of compliance failure that could result in financial and reputational damage to FEB or to meet and adhere to regulatory requirements and standards.
The role of Compliance is to identify, assess, advise on, communicate, monitor, and report on FEB’s compliance with regulatory requirements. Policies and procedures for effective compliance are based on the Offshore Banking Act 1996 of the Commonwealth of Dominica in addition to regulations found in (including subsequent amendments):
FEB takes regulatory compliance with paramount importance. Our robust measures and policies are reviewed quarterly and monitored to ensure FEB is a diligent and responsible member of the global financial services community.

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