FEB advances to the next level with the appointment of a new CEO

Singapore, March 15, 2023 – With FEB’s clientele expanding, Andrew Ling, CEO and co-founder of FEB Corporation, will step back from executive duties to focus on other emerging projects within the group. He will, however, continue to serve as an advisor to ensure a smooth management transition.

With the transition, FEB will be managed by the Board of Directors beginning on March 20, 2023: 

  • FEB Corporation Chairman Shaun Ang 
  • Shawn Lin, FEB Corporation’s Chief Operations Officer 
  • Enny Choy, FEB Corporation’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer 
  • Andrew Ling, FEB Corporation Board Member 
  • Leonard Lee, FEB Corporation Board Member 

Andrew bore direct responsibility for the bank’s overall performance in terms of regulatory compliance, business growth, and shareholder returns. He oversees the strategic growth plan and implementation to achieve FEB’s strategic vision of being the preferred digital bank for Asia. 

FEB has since expanded to have more than 150 clients in 12 countries and a team of more than 60 employees. The value of assets FEB owns has grown to more than US$80 million under his leadership and together with the board of directors.

With his success of foresight in the FinTech industry, which he used to pivot in the 2017 financial crisis, Shaun Ang took on the post of Chairman at FEB. In order to power minute spread trading in the forex and options markets, he forayed into the field of AI driven systems. His foresight also allowed him to recognise early on the exploding value of the disruptive shift in blockchain technology that will impact the financial industry, which he used to curate the goods FEB provides.

As Chief Operations Officer, Shawn Lin brings to FEB his extensive knowledge of managing firms that are experiencing rapid expansion. Under private client agreements, he formerly managed real estate assets worth more than 120 million dollars across the globe. In order to maintain excellence in standards and profitability in growth, he worked with Andrew to manage the bank’s daily operations, and he will do so going forward with the new CEO.

Enny Choy came into FEB with more than 7 years of expertise in company leadership. She is responsible for FEB’s strategic and financial planning and is always looking for methods to increase operational effectiveness. Enny leverages her capacity to comprehend difficult ideas and translate crucial problems into rational and workable ways to improve FEB’s operations.

With his prior experience at Citibank, Leonard Lee joined FEB with the capacity to continuously book above $100 million in consumer loans and the acquisition of 120,000 credit facilities. He was also in charge of creating and releasing the first mobile credit card application (at the time of launch). With his pool of existing clients, he constantly added to and expanded the client base across Asia and Europe during his tenure at FEB. He is currently in charge of the bank’s sales and marketing departments. He also offers advice on the creation of cutting-edge, digitally ready payment systems for products.

“This change in the CEO demonstrates FEB’s dedication to continuously empowering its clients and expanding FEB in the manner that the team desires. The new leader is anticipated to push FEB to greater heights than Andrew did while continuing to offer our clients cutting-edge technology to help them expand their businesses. We appreciate Andrew’s years of service to FEB and are glad he will continue to serve as a board member to provide guidance to the new CEO.” said Shaun Ang, Chairman of FEB Corporation.

About FEB

FEB Corporation uses cutting-edge Web3 and blockchain technologies to enhance its digital asset banking and payment solution with previously unheard-of security, speed, and efficiency.

FEB is dedicated to providing its clients with the resources they require to develop boldly in a new, fast-paced economy and to accelerate their adoption to meet the changing needs of customers and employees around the world.

Whether you own a small business or a huge enterprise, FEB offers the resources you need to thrive in the fast-paced business environment of today. We support businesses as they develop and soar to their desired destinations.

For more information, please visit us at: www.finexteasternbank.com.

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